Bakelite Jewellery

Bakelite was produced in a wide array of colors, but the most common where white, brown, green and red. Pieces dating back to the 1920s-1940s has oxidized and developed a wonderful patina that is sometimes a completely different hue than the original color. For example, white often turns to butterscotch, light blue changes to forest green, and pink turns to orange.

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Carved Leafs Bakelite style Vintage Bangle

Orange Yellow Strike Carved Leafs Bakelite style Vintage Bangle
$69.33 $46.23

Elasticated Bakelite Bracelet With Earrings

Beautiful Elasticated Bakelite bracelet With Earrings

Mottled Bakelite Style Vintage Bangle 1930

Carved Bakelite bangle
$215.74 $77.05